Sports Management


Vazir Law offers representation to athletes, coaches, and sports organizations all over the world. This includes contract negotiation, lifestyle management, protection and grant of image rights (endorsement and sponsorship), and financial planning.

Business Development

Vazir Law also serves as a bridge between the Americas and the Middle East. Our specialty lies in creating and seizing opportunities for our clients to grow and connect between the two continents.

Contract Negotiation

The key to attaining a mutually beneficial deal is to possess the utmost knowledge and information possible. Every professional, team, and market is different. We prioritize the due diligence that goes into understanding our clients, their needs, the eligible markets, and the professionals sitting on the other side of the table.

Lifestyle Management / Public Relations

There are many elements to being a professional. We don’t stop at brokering deals for our athletes. It is vital for us to assess the daily affairs of our clients and provide mentorship and advisement where necessary. These measures improve the performance of our clients in addition to the opportunities to earn off-field income.

Image Rights

The business and law around sports marketing deals have more layers than one would imagine. Whether we are looking at an endorsement or sponsorship deal, the proper diligence is necessary to link our clients to the right opportunities. When we arrive at these opportunities, the licensing agreements need to be carefully crafted to protect our client and all parties in interest.

Financial Planning

After so many years of hard work, our clients finally realize the benefit of their dream. Part of this benefit is immediate income. Our job is to guide our clients toward avenues where pleasure and future security can both be obtained. We work in partnership with some of the best financial advisors who specialize in managing and advising athletes in their financial affairs.